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Ampelicious moments with Ampelicious. 4 uniquely tasted wines made by Greek grape varieties.

Ampelicious Retsina


Ampelious retsina with its unique and piquant taste made following the Georgiadi family tradition.

Golden Retsina


The traditional Golden Retsina uniquely escorts your every moment.

Georgiadis Carafes


Georgiadis Carafes in their traditional packaging


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Deemed one of the major companies in the greek wine industry, GEORGIADIS BROS WINES S.A., has recently broken the mould by launching the “Ampelicious Inspiration for Art Creation” contest. The company is pleased to present the 7 best creations that emerged from the competition. Getting inspired by the authentic Ampelicious bottle (500ml), consumers were invited to re-create, construct and produce their own artistic creations, based on the design concept of the bottle. The contest aroused a lot of interest among the public and the consumers’ response was stupendous, reaching 844 entries.
The delightful photos posted on the winery’s facebook page, GEORGIADIS BROS (https://www.facebook.com/georgiadis.ampelicious) got hundreds to thousands of likes, thus appointing the 20 most popular creations. Finally, a five-member panel, comprised of several accomplished graphic artists/designers, art directors, as well as marketing and advertising professionals rated and selected 7 winners, after evaluating their art works in terms of originality, style and creative composition.

    • Πρώτο Βραβείο 3.000€ Δημιουργός: ΚΟΛΤΣΙΔΟΠΟΥΛΟΥ ΑΝΘΟΥΛΑ Έργο Νο 248 με βαθμολογία 16,75/20
    • Δεύτερο Βραβείο 2.000€ Δημιουργός: ΚΑΪΤΖΗ ΕΥΑΓΓΕΛΙΑ Έργο Νο 302 με βαθμολογία 15,5/20 
    • Τρίτο Βραβείο 1.000€ Δημιουργός: ERMOPALAS ELENA Έργο Νο 533 με βαθμολογία 15,25/20 
    • Τέταρτο Βραβείο 250€ Δημιουργός: ΔΕΛΗΓΙΑΝΝΙΔΟΥ ΙΟΥΛΙΑ Έργο Νο 157 με βαθμολογία 15/20 
    • Πέμπτο Βραβείο 250€  Δημιουργός: ΚΑΛΟΔΗΜΙΔΗΣ ΠΕΤΡΟΣ Έργο Νο 329 με βαθμολογία 14,75/20 
    • Έκτο Βραβείο 250€ Δημιουργός: ΠΑΠΑΔΟΠΟΥΛΟΥ ΜΑΓΔΑΛΗΝΗ Έργο Νο 207 με βαθμολογία 13/20 
    • Έβδομο Βραβείο 250€ Δημιουργός: ΜΑΚΡΗΣ ΑΓΓΕΛΟΣ Έργο Νο 163 με βαθμολογία 12,25/20

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