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Ampelicious moments with Ampelicious. 4 uniquely tasted wines made by Greek grape varieties.

Ampelicious Retsina


Ampelious retsina with its unique and piquant taste made following the Georgiadi family tradition.

Golden Retsina


The traditional Golden Retsina uniquely escorts your every moment.

Georgiadis Carafes


Georgiadis Carafes in their traditional packaging

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In the middle of the 1940s Georgiadis Antonios commences his family’s long journey by opening a factory to produce and bottle soft drinks called ALPHA as well as wines and retsina called GEORGIADIS, catering only to the needs of the local market of Thessaloniki. Initially, the traditional barrel retsina was being produced in small quantities and offered only in taverns and restaurants. In the beginning of 1989, Antonios’ son GEORGIADIS GIORGOS takes charge of the business and along with his sons ANTONIS and KONSTANTINOS establish the GEORGIADIS winemaker brand in the wine and retsina production and bottling sector. Over the years, the people got to know and love the original barrel retsina, bottled in the characteristic carafe GOLD RETSINA GEORGIADIS, maintaining its original aroma and pure quality.
In the end of 2002, the third generation of the GEORGIADIS brothers takes over the continuation of the family tradition, while simultaneously focusing on the further development of the winery and its products. In privately - owned facilities, with new machinery and surrounded by experts, they capitalize on tradition, experience and the technical knowledge in their disposal and drive the business towards continuous improvements and growth. In the middle of 2008 the new innovative collection of AMPELICIOUS wines makes its appearance. It includes the following varieties: Dry White, Dry Red, Medium Sweet Red, Medium Sweet Rose and Retsina in bottles of 0,25 lt and 0,5 lt.
In the last few years, despite the Greek market’s adverse economic conditions, the company, with its successful products «GEORGIADIS» and «AMPELICIOUS» achieves a yearly 100% increase in sales offering the best quality-to-price ratio to the market. The GEORGIADIS winery is successfully placed 6th among 720 wineries in Greece based on profitability and 26th based on sales (Based on the Hellastat AE 2012 research).

Exports to Germany, Cyprus, Holland, Belgium, Austria, USA

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Η Τρίτη γενιά ιδιοκτητών της οινοποιίας ΓΕΩΡΓΙΑΔΗ στους αμπελώνες στο Λάκκωμα Χαλκιδικής κατά τον τρύγο 2013.