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Ampelicious moments with Ampelicious. 4 uniquely tasted wines made by Greek grape varieties.

Ampelicious Retsina


Ampelious retsina with its unique and piquant taste made following the Georgiadi family tradition.

Golden Retsina


The traditional Golden Retsina uniquely escorts your every moment.

Georgiadis Carafes


Georgiadis Carafes in their traditional packaging

ampelisious rets

Ampelicios is the one that comes from the ampeli (Greek for grapevine)
is the new product that we created for you!!!

Naming: Ampelicious – easy for the consumers to remember, since it’s the only one among all the other wine names that ends in –licious.

Screwed bottle cork: It expedites the serving of the wine and facilitates the re-closing of the bottle in case of part-consumption.

Bottle: Following the design of the traditional carafe, the third generation of winemakers offers a modern bottle in simple line.

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